Mermaid Man (Orange) Ultra Freshie Glow Powder

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Stay Fresh with Peanut

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Mermaid Man (Orange) Ultra Glow in the dark pigment has a glow time 8-12 hours with full charge.

Sold 1 oz. by weight

*Must be charged in natural sunlight for a full charge. Incandescent lights will not allow glow to charge fully.

Our glow has 100+ micron that provides super bright and longer lasting glow far superior than regular craft glow, make your craft projects come alive adding just a little bit goes a long way.

Charges best with direct sunlight or with UV lights. Ideal for freshies and general craft projects each one is packaged by Peanut in the USA.

ORDER TODAY to start experiencing the magic of freshie glow!

Do not ingest or inhale.