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Stay Fresh with Peanut

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Our Ready to Use (Seasonal) Scented Deluxe Aroma Beads are amazing, fun for all ages, save time, no waiting for beads to dry and cure (RTS-Ready to Ship)

SFWP Ratio: 16 oz. Beads with 4 oz. oil / Cured 10 days minimum

Make a car air freshener or or put them in a sachet bag and place in your closet, office, locker, bathroom or any other small spaces.

They also aren't colored which means you can color them and decorate however you want. These are great for for people who enjoy crafting or project for the holidays.

Click HERE for our step by step instructions How to make a air freshener (freshie). 

Can be used for:

  • Car air freshener
  • Sachets


Note: Always test we do NOT take responsibility for our test results differing from your own test results. You are responsible for your own testing. Please test your own oven for baking times and temperatures every oven is different. These will bake at 325F to 350F.  SFWP Ratio: 16 oz Beads with 4 oz. oil / Cured 10 days minimum

Warning: KEEP AWAY from children and pets. This is not edible or a toy. Do not use in a burner. It gets VERY hot in South if you are using these for car air fresheners do not leave exposed in the sun for long periods of time. Extremely high temperatures may cause fresheners to melt. Avoid laying the fresheners on the floor, console, dash, etc. Do not set on any surface. This is not edible or a toy. Keep away from directly sunlight SFWP is not responsible for melting, damages, or injuries caused by melting.