Weight vs. Volume in Stay Fresh with Peanut Fragrance Oils

Sometimes it’s confusing when it comes to fragrance oils when you receive your oil you might be surprised to find that the bottle is not filled to the top or not the same volume as your other bottles when you place them side by side. You might instantly think something is wrong or the oil leaked out and you are not receiving what you paid for.

Understanding weight and volume for fragrance oil will help clear up the confusion. When weighing fragrance oil we always recommend weighing your oil with a scale than measuring it with a measuring spoon or cup because oils can vary in volume. Using a scale to accurately weigh your ingredients will always get the same result.


Weight is determined by the heaviness, or mass and is measured with a scale to insure that the weight is measured correctly for each oil by (fluid ounces). The weight is what the fragrance oil weighs. This is the reason why some of our fragrance oils will come filled to the top of the bottle and others will not.

Our hand packed fragrance oils are sealed and packaged individually by weight. Some oils are more dense than others so they will take up less space in the bottle but they will still weigh the same. Whether it is a 4 oz, 8 oz or 1 lb some oils take up less room in the bottle than others because of the density.


Volume is the amount of space that an item you are measuring takes up. It may seem that it looks like you have more volume with one oil than another but you are still receiving the same amount of oil. It means one oil is denser (heavier) than another oil that takes up more volume in the bottle.


Here are some visuals to help out let’s say you’ve ordered 4 different Stay Fresh with Peanut oils, all in a 4 oz size bottle. Your order might look like this (see below) and you think something is wrong or the oils leaked. When your Stay Fresh with Peanut order is hand-poured and weighed to order, you are getting accurate weight measurements while visually, it appears that your fragrance oils aren’t quite matching up. All oils were poured and weighed on a scale some oils were more dense than others but they still all weigh the same.

Weight vs Volume Bottles

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