SFWP Story

Hello friends! We want to introduce ourselves and about Stay Fresh with Peanut. As parents we all have hopes for our children's future. What kind of work will they find meaningful? As parents with a disabled child our hopes are no different.

We started this business during Covid May 2020 to provide employment and life skills for Peanut little did we know God had bigger plans for all of us. We quickly grew and believe in this business, so we made the decision to step out in faith, leave behind our jobs and invest in SFWP. We are a full-time family owned & operated business. We have only just begun and believe God has great things to come and will work through us to help others.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in production, processing, customer service, and we test all our products to ensure we deliver to you high quality fragrances and supplies.

As we continue to grow, we look forward to adding new products while striving to provide fast shipping and exceptional customer service. Our dream is to provide supportive employment to enhance personal growth and job skills for others with disabilities one day.

We wake up every day with a grateful heart and give our 110% best we appreciate you all so much for getting us here and encourage anyone that has a dream don’t give up, work hard, and step out in faith.

1 Corinthians 16:14