Ordering Information & (TAT) Turn around time

Stay Fresh with Peanut strive to ensure your order is processed within a timely manner (is listed at the top of the website) Orders are processed during our business days Monday-Friday 9 am to 4 pm CST (excluding federal holidays and weekends).

Processing Time (TAT) : An acknowledgement of our terms and service and TAT is required to submit your order. Please allow us the full processing time after you submitted your order. When your order is processed you will receive your tracking number to the email submitted on your order. If there is any delay, we will reach out to you personally. Processing time does not include the shipping time (time in transit).


During this season it is very common for package updates to be delayed. We apologize if your package information is not updated online. It does not mean your package hasn't moved it's just taking a little longer than normal for it to be scanned. There are many packages that still move without being scanned in.

Waiting for an order update?

After you receive your tracking number the carrier provides both of us the same online information. We place your package in the carrier collection pickup container. The carrier picks up the collection container from our loading dock Monday-Friday (excluding federal holidays and weekends).  If your order was processed on the weekend it will ship out the following business day, we do not hold any packages after they are processed. 

Why has my tracking history not updated, can you locate my package?

If you think your package is lost, you must wait until your package shows delivered before filing a lost claim or wait 2 weeks from the date the shipping label is created per the carrier and/or route shipping insurance. The carrier provides both of us the same tracking information online. Route requires two weeks from the date the shipping label is created before filing a claim to replace or request a refund if you insured your package with Route.

Is your package stuck in transit, delayed, or tracking not updated?

We understand it can be frustrating and we are always here to help anyway we can.  After your shipping label is created it is placed in the collection carrier bin to be picked up. We have seen in many cases the package history updated the same day it is delivered. It does not mean your package hasn't moved it's just taking a little longer than normal for it to be scanned. There are many packages that still move without being scanned in.

******Majority packages arrive on the estimated time however unless your package is shipped overnight the carriers do not guarantee us a date specific delivery date.

Shipping Time: We ship out Monday through Friday, but no delivery on the weekends or federal holidays are offered. If a delay is incurred, we will let you know by e-mail as soon as possible. 

A business day is Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST and excludes weekends and federal holidays. 

After your order is processed the confirmation tracking number is sent to the email address listed on your order. If you have more than one account registered with us, please check all email account(s) most of the time you previously placed an order with a different email account and forgot to check it. All packages are picked up from our location the same or next business day after your tracking number is provided. 

Shipping and delivery estimates: It's important to keep in mind that all shipping options are only estimated delivery dates it does not guarantee next day shipping or date-specific delivery service. We understand how important your packages are, in the event your package is lost, stolen or damage a claim can be filed with route to replace or refund if your package is insured. We do not guarantee shipping quality though we package and handle all shipments with upmost care before handing it over to the carrier. 

Did your package arrive damaged, lost, or stolen?

This issue can be resolved if you purchased route shipping insurance. All orders include this insurance unless you removed it at checkout.  Visit claims.route.com to file your claim. They will review your claim and handle it for you. If you need further assistance with your claim please let us know.

If you opted out, your package is not covered but you can file a claim directly with the carrier.