The best ways to help your car freshie survive the summer heat

A popular topic during the summer is how to keep their car air freshener from melting during the hot summer months in Texas and hot climates. Were including three tips and a discussion on the heat-activated nature of car freshies and their life expectancy in extreme temperatures, ending with a call-to-action for customers to contact the company for support or more information.

It's already hot, and it's only getting hotter. With temperatures on the rise here there can be variables that can cause the air freshener to melt. Location, ingredients, ratios, supplies, application, etc. But no matter if you do everything perfect there is can still no guarantee the main ingredient is plastic and there is a possibility for plastic to melt under extreme temperatures. Here are some tips that can help give your air freshener the best chance during the summer hot months. 


#1 When leaving your vehicle alone over a long period of time move the air freshener from your rear view mirror to the turn signal or a shaded area this can help from receiving direct exposure. 

#2 Switch to drilling a hole in the freshie than applying a eye screw. When the eye screws heats up it can slip out from the freshie due to the weight. If you prefer to use an eye screw some suggested to use e6000 then push the eye screw in as far as it can go.

#3 Use a visor and place the freshie behind the visor this is very important, placing it in front the freshie can melt on the visor.

Melting car freshies due to extreme heat


Discuss with your customers:

Car freshies for cars are Heat-Activated: When temperatures rise, they become stronger and more fragrant. It is likely that the scent will become more intense as it becomes hotter, but it will also last less long as it becomes hotter. In cars that are constantly exposed to extreme heat, fragrance is released more rapidly. Freshies' life expectancy can be reduced during the summer months. Temperatures above 90 degrees are considered to be extreme heat. Discuss this with your customer and read our latest blog Need to know for: Long lasting freshies.

Life Expectancy of Car Freshies in Extreme Temperatures

Heat-Activated freshies can be a great way to provide long-lasting fragrance for your car, but it is important to be aware of the potential limitations. During the summer it is important to keep an eye on the freshies and it is recommended to rotate the freshies every few weeks. Additionally, it is a good idea to keep the car in a cool place to maximize the life of the freshie. Explanation of the heat-activated response and how it affects the fragrance intensity will help you manage your customers’ expectations.

Warning labels should be included to warn customers about the potential melting of car freshies.

 Warning Labels

For the longest-lasting and strongest-smelling air fresheners, we make sure our concentrated oil is the highest-grade available. Choosing a reliable supplier is very important and Stay Fresh with Peanut knows exactly what you need.  

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