Need to Know For: Long Lasting Freshies

Q. Why is my freshie not strong or long-lasting?

If you’re having trouble figuring out long-lasting (freshie) car air freshener, here’s what you should consider:

  1. Formulation: This is the most crucial element, which includes the dosage of fragrance and the type of unscented aroma bead. We recommend 8:2 ratio, 8 ounces of unscented prime aroma beads with 2 ounces of fragrances oil (by weight). Some may prefer 8:1 ratio we won’t say it’s incorrect, but it could affect the strength of fragrance and its potency. SFWP offers ratio recommendations under each fragrance product disclosure tab. Our process is specially hand-crafted with a 8:2 ratio and given two weeks to rest in a polypropylene container, ensuring maximum scent potency and a robust, full-bodied aroma. Our process ensures that you'll enjoy a long-lasting aroma with each use.   
  2. 8:2 Freshie Ratio
  1. Light & Softer fragrances: Some fragrances are lighter and softer than others. For example: Bombshell, Viva La Juicy, & Cucumber Melon (type) fragrances offer a subtle aroma without the intensity of more powerful scents like Volcano, Mahogany Teakwood, and Black Frost.
  1. Avoid Over Baking: Baking too long in your oven can cause the fragrance in your aroma beads to overheat and dissipate. You will have to experiment with your oven to get the perfect temperature for a bold, long-lasting aroma.
  1. Heat-Activated: Its response to the temperature makes it strong and fragrant. For warmer climates due to its heat-activated scent release causes it to smell stronger in warmer than colder temperatures. The scent will intensify as it becomes warmer.Heat activated car freshie
  1. Nose Blind: It happens when our brains become desensitized to a particular smell over time from over exposure. The best way to determine if you've become nose-blind is to invite somebody into your car who won't be afraid to share their honest opinion about whether they can smell something.

To ensure the good performance of the fragrance, a good air freshener for vent type or hanging type, should last around 2-4 weeks.  Stronger fragrant scents can last longer, up to 8 weeks.

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