Freshies vs. Cold Weather

Freshies vs. Cold Weather

When temperatures begin to drop, we compile a list of topics commonly discussed and questions asked

1. Does the cold affect aroma bead curing time?

2. Why is my fragrance oil taking longer to absorb?

3. My freshie doesn't smell anymore after 2 days

4. Have the ingredients changed?

We included tips and discussed the heat-activated nature of car freshies and their longevity in cold temperatures, urging customers to contact the company if they have questions.

Because it's cold, the freshie scent is less noticeable in colder temperatures. The perception of smells varies from person to person, and each individual has a different level of sensitivity to smells.

When the temperature drops, the air freshener may not smell and aroma beads may take longer to absorb fragrance oil. This can lengthen curing times. 

Freshie scent cannot be guaranteed to stay strong as the weather gets colder, this is a common occurrence. Customers will appreciate your transparency regarding the release of freshie scent during the colder months, and you will have an easier time handling complaints if they say they cannot smell it. Make sure to communicate this to customers and be upfront about the issue. Offer suggestions for alternative ways to still get the scent, such as vent clips or diffusers.


#1 Use a electric heating blanket, or small space heater to keep your oils and beads warm or room temperature. 

#2 Your aroma beads will take longer to process if the air in your room is cold and damp. Maintain a warm room temperature if your room is cold, it will take longer to absorb and cure.

#3 Warning labels should be included to warn customers freshie scents are less noticeable in colder temperatures (2x4 sample label).

Winter Freshie Warning label for personal use only and not for resale. No part of any content, description, or template may be reproduced in any form.

Freshie Winter Warning Label

Discuss with your customers:

Handmade car freshies intensify with heat. When the temperature drops, they become less fragrant and smell weak. It is likely that the scent will be less noticeable in a colder environment. Car freshies become more intense as the temperature rises, so it is recommended to store them in a sealed bag when not in use. This will help to preserve the scent and allow it to last longer. Consider mentioning that choosing a softer scent may result in it being less noticeable.

Nose Blind: It happens when our brains become desensitized to a particular smell over time from over exposure. The best way to determine if you've become nose-blind is to invite somebody into your car who won't be afraid to share their honest opinion about whether they can smell something.

Light & Softer fragrances: Some fragrances are lighter and softer than others. For example: Bombshell, Viva La Juicy, & Cucumber Melon (type) fragrances offer a subtle aroma without the intensity of more powerful scents like Volcano, Mahogany Teakwood, and Black Frost.

Life Expectancy of Car Freshies in Cold Temperatures

To be safe, reduce life expectancy during the winter months. You should not overpromise when it comes to handmade items because the scent may not last as long as you anticipate. You can also offer suggestions for alternative scent, such as vent clips, diffusers, wax melts or candles. Explanation of the freshies during the colder months and how it affects the fragrance intensity will help you manage your customers’ expectations.

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A quality assurance test is performed on each batch, and a certificate of analysis is issued to verify our prime aroma bead specifications.

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