Why Precise Measurement is Important in Freshie Making

Do you ever wonder why freshies don't smell as strong? There could be a problem with how you measure your ingredients. The success of your finished product depends on a precise measurement.

When it comes to creating a high-quality freshie, accuracy in measurement and quality ingredients make all the difference. Using inaccurate measurements may result in poor or no scent throw, sticky or wet aroma beads, none of which are enjoyable.


Why Precise Measurement is Important in Freshie Making

Precision measurements are essential for achieving desired results. Creating high-quality freshies requires careful measurement. 

In this case, we use a 32oz mason jar container with a 4:1 ratio. The importance of accurate measuring goes hand in hand with the importance of providing enough room for the beads to move around in the container. It is possible to slow down the absorption rate or not absorb at all when there is not enough room. We recommend not exceeding the 12:3 ratio for a 32 oz. if you use a 4:1 ratio. 


Freshie (Volume vs. Weight Measurement)

It is important to note that weight is used instead of volume when measuring. Due to the fact that weight and volume are two different measurements, this can be tricky. Knowing the difference between weight and volume is important.

Weight and volume are both ways of measuring how much something weighs. A volume measures the amount of space an object occupies, while a weight measures its mass, or simply how heavy it is.

The amount of fragrance you add may be inconsistent and disproportionate without this knowledge. The result of your freshie can be impacted by a miscalculation like this. 

The fact that fragrance oils are liquids may make it tempting to measure them by volume, but volume is not a precise measurement. When you measure fragrance oils, you are really measuring their weight. It means you get the same amount of oil regardless of the bottle's volume.

There are some oils that are denser than others, which means they will take up less space in the bottle, but you will still receive the same amount of weight. Oils that are less dense take up more space in the bottle, but you still get the same weight.

If you add too little fragrance oil to aroma beads, your freshies won't smell as strong as they should.  The fragrance oil remains wet when too much is added, preventing it from properly absorption.

You can measure your fragrance oil in grams for a more precise measurement, but it all comes down to your personal preference. Measure in ounces if you feel more comfortable doing so. Keep your measurements consistent to ensure consistency in your freshie-making process.

How much Fragrance oil should I use? Measuring Fragrance Oil for Freshies

With the importance of measuring fragrance oil accurately in your freshies now known, you might wonder how much you should use.

Let’s say for example your supplier recommends 4:1 ratio (4 ounces of aroma beads /1 ounce of fragrance oil).

Weigh out the ratio amount using your scale. For example, if you place a container that weighs 15.0 ounces on the scale (see pic 2) and press “Tare”, the balance will go from showing “15.0 ounces” to “0.00 ounces” (see pic 3).

Pic 2 tare a scale  pic 3

To tare a scale means to zero out the weight of whatever was already on the scale.

Once your scale is ready, pour the aroma beads into your container until it reads 4.0 ounces (see pic 4), then add 1 ounce of fragrance oil. Your scale should read 5.0 ounces when you're done pouring (see pic 5).

 pic 4  pic 5

Now that you know how to measure fragrance oil for freshies, it's time to shake! You should shake your container vigorously three times a day and store it in a cool dry place at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or greater.  Cold temperatures slow down absorption rates and lengthen drying times. At the beginning, your beads will be wet in the container (see pic 6). A fragrance oil can be absorbed by aroma beads within 1 to 5 days, depending on the oil. It's important to measure accurately so that your beads will absorb oil and dry like the picture shows (see pic 7).

 pic 6  pic 7

Check with your supplier for the recommended ratios as each fragrance oil may have different ratio recommendations due to its density and raw materials. Under each fragrance product disclosure tab, SFWP offers ratio recommendations. 

When it comes to digital kitchen scales, the Nicewell 22 lb. (see pic 1) scale is a great option because it allows you to achieve precise measurements easily. 


Nicewell digital kitchen scale

With the right measurement, you can make freshies that are perfect every time! 

We hope this article has clarified any misconceptions you might have had about measuring oils for freshies. For more information about making freshies, check out our other blogs:

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Need to Know: For Long Lasting Freshies

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